Travel Tips in Rome

The Home in Rome Team wants to remind you of some last minute travels tips!

1. Review your travel documents including airline tickets and passport expiration date.
2. If you are considering renting a car, an International driver’s license may be required.
3. Contact your credit card providers so they know you are travelling abroad.
4. Ask your cell phone provider information about international roaming charges and plans.
5. Pick up an international outlet adapter so you can stay connected with your phone and computer!

Our self-catering apartments are comfortably furnished and centrally located to help you make the most of your holiday. In each of our apartments we offer the essential basics including: a tourist map for your use, an initial supply of toilet paper and soaps, a hairdryer, an iron, a functional kitchen, WiFi and more! We invite you to review your apartment’s complete list of amenities on our website!

Safety in Rome

The Home in Rome Team would like to remind you that safety is our priority both in our apartments as well as on the streets in Rome!

So in addition to locking the apartment door with the key when you go out and always ensuring you have the keys in a safe place, remember…

Pickpockets and thieves exist in every major city in the world.  Unfortunately, Rome is no exception.  Here are a few rules of wisdom to help you avoid falling victim to thieves while on holiday.

1) Pickpockets choose easy victims!  If you appear to be careful and attentive of your surroundings and do not carry valuable items on you, you are less likely to be a victim.

2) Pickpockets often work in groups!  Pickpockets are good at their job and try to create situations that capture your attention to shift the focus you have on your belongings.  When confronted by a group of people, abide by the golden rule: DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!  Simply, turn your back and walk away.

3) Carry with you only what is needed!  Only keep on you the necessary money and items you need for the day.  Leave passports and other valuables in the locked apartment you have rented.  Any money or personal items you have on you while you are out and about, keep them in closed pockets.  It is even a good idea to keep important things in various pockets so you run less risk of losing everything if you are a victim.

4) Don’t carry a backpack on your back!  This is especially important in the underground.  Pickpockets are good at reaching into a backpack without you even knowing it!  It is best to keep everything you have in front of you and securely close of pockets, bags and purses at all time!

5)  Don’t wear a camera or video camera around your neck!  It is easy for someone to grab something from around your neck and run off.  Anything of value should be kept in a closed pocket or in a closed bag that is carried in front of you.

Keep things of value like your apartment keys, identification, and wallets in separate pockets so if you are a victim you do not risk losing everything!

6)  Don’t be overly obvious you are a tourist!  It is already easy enough to spot a tourist, do not make a pickpocket’s job easier.  If you need to refer to a map, go off from a major street or step inside a bar and always be attentive of your surroundings.

7) Always keep under close watch your bags, purses, etc!  Especially when you are dining in a restaurant or at a bar, never lose sight of your items and try to avoid leaving items on the floor where it would be easy for a passer-by to grab them and run.

8)  Be careful when watching street performers!  Oftentimes, these situations offer a prime location for pickpockets because it is easy for people to be distracted.  Keep pockets closed and keep bags and purses in front of you.

9) Train stations offer another great arena for pickpockets!

a) People who are at the train station are obvious tourists and are likely to be carrying all of their possessions on them.  For a pickpocket, this is one-stop shopping!

b) It is easy to be dis-oriented and distracted in a train station.  Always be on alert.

c) Be aware of people who press against you as they are likely trying to pickpocket.

d) When purchasing your tickets and pull out your wallet, be careful of your surroundings as they will be watching where you put your wallet.  It is best to buy your ticket in advance or enter the station with the money already set aside in a separate pocket to avoid flashing your wallet about.

From our experience, groups of females, elderly couples, and people travelling alone are more likely to fall victim to pickpockets.  If you are victim, report the crime immediately to the police.

Tours in Rome

The Home in Rome Team hopes you are looking forward to your upcoming holiday in Rome. Since you are probably planning your itinerary, you may want to consider booking a few tours in advance to make the most of your time while on holiday!
Our past guests have used a variety of online services including the websites listed below.

Discovery Rome Tours – Guest Favorite
Viator Italy
Dark Rome
Free Walking Tour
Hop-On, Hop Off Bus

These tour companies offer both personalized and small group tours to the major attractions in the Eternal City including: the Jewish Ghetto, the Colosseum, and of course, the Vatican. In addition, there are various walking tours including the Fountains of Rome Tour and the Rome by Night Tour.

And don’t forget to check-out a new type of Roman food and wine experience, Eat With as well as one of the best new museums in Rome, Palazzo Valentini.

To make the most of your holiday, book in advance everything you definitely want to see! In the meantime, check-out Romeing to see what’s going on in Rome!

Rome Anytime

Rome is a place full of excitement, culture, history, and delicious food. Whatever reason you to choose to visit
Rome for, remember that it is going to be a worthwhile trip. However, right now
is one of the best times to visit Rome.  Prices the lowest and the lines are the shortest!
If you decide to visit Rome for the, don’t forget to take a ton of pictures. Make sure to take these
pictures in some of the most scenic parts of Rome, such as:
· The Capitoline and Palatine Hills
· The Pantheon
· The Palazzo Barberini Gatepost
· The Ponte Fabricio
· The Great Colosseum
· The Spanish Steps
· And anywhere else you see fit
Rome is a great place for many reasons; when it comes to visiting for the holidays, make sure
to look into Home in Rome vacation homes and private apartments first to find a fabulous, quality apartment at a great new year price.

Love in Rome

The other day we heard a ‘heaven and hell’ analogy involving some common stereotypes in certain counties round the world.

Heaven would consist of a place where the Germans are in charge of organization, the police are British, the bankers are Swiss, the salesmen are American, the chefs are French, and the lovers are Italian.  Conversely, hell would consist of a place where the police are German, the chefs are British, the bankers are Brazilian, and the Italians are in charge of organization!

Well if this were true, you can certainly feel a sense of love in the air in Rome, walking through the historical center, for example, it is easy to spot a handful of couples overtly playing tonsil hockey with each other.  Young, middle-aged, and old alike publicly announce their love with no shame or humility and with such passion!

If only this same intensity could be used to make rubbish collection, public transportation, traffic, and the general Italian bureaucracy a little easier and more organized…but then again the charm of Rome just wouldn’t be the same…

Fall in Rome

Autumn in Rome can be evidenced with the turn and fall of the leaves, the kind of early morning chill in which you can see your own breath, and cumulus clouds spitting afternoon showers through rays of sunshine and oftentimes producing the illusion of a rainbow off in the distance.  Not to mention, the scent of the summer heat has been replaced with the comforting and familiar aroma of fireplaces burning wood and furnaces being turned on for the first time of the season.  As day light savings approaches on 29 October, the days are getting  shorter as the sun sets around six o’clock which serves as a reminder that winter is knocking on our door.

Despite the change of seasons, tourists are continuing to visit the Eternal City.  In fact, the Home in Rome Vacation Rentals are fully booked in October and are filling up in November as well as for the Christmas season.  If you are wanting to plan a Fall or early winter trip to Rome, don’t wait any longer!  Vacation apartment prices are lower with respect to the summer months and there are fewer tourist lines and not too mention the hot Italian sun is much less intense.  Planning a getaway for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, just one click and a Home in Rome Vacation Rental could be your gift for the entire family.

Rome in August

As if it were a dream, the month of August has come and gone.  While most Italians escaped the city to seek relief from the heat, tourists continued to come to Rome.  Oftentimes, guests ask us the best times during the year to visit the Eternal City and when answering we always seem to be in the middle of a rock and a hard spot.  There is so much to consider.  Of course, if you are looking for a more economical time to travel, the slow period for holiday apartment rentals tends to be between 7 January and 28 February, the month of August, and again from 1 November up to about a week before Christmas.  The best savings on apartments is by far the month of August, though.

However, although price is something to consider when booking a trip to Italy, remember that the prices in August are low because there is less going on in the city.  Many local restaurants, shops, and markets close down leaving the city full of tourists without a sense of the local spirit.  Personally, although we enjoy the month of August in Rome because it is never very difficult to find parking, there is less traffic, and of course less chaos, 31 days of life like this is plenty for us.  What we like most about Rome is the chaos, the noise, the traffic…all of this combined with the local people makes Rome what it is.

Thankfully, only a few days into the month of September, Rome is slowly returning to normal.  Restaurants, shops, and markets are once again open for business, locals are going back to work, and before long students will return to the classroom.

The memories of days under the sun, late drinks on the beach, and a peaceful awakening in the morning without the sound of an alarm sounding will hopefully be enough to keep us hopeful for next summer.

Rome in Summer

After a late start to the summer, the heat we are typically used to in Rome has finally arrived.  Despite this, tourists continue to come to the Eternal City and more and more are taking advantage of living like a local in a Rome vacation rental apartment.  Choosing the right Rome holiday rental during the heat of the summer could definitely help you keep cool in more ways than one.

When searching for a vacation rental in Rome, you will come across thousands of listings owned and operated by Italians.  In your search, make sure you specify if you would like an apartment with air conditioning as many Italian homes are not equipped with A/C.  In addition, take a look at the location of the property to make sure you will be well-located to the Metro (or other public transportation) in case the need for a mid-day escape from the heat arises.

Also, keep in mind that staying just outside the historical center will offer you a bit cooler temperatures.  Areas like Prati, which is home to the Vatican, the famous Via Veneto next to Villa Borghese, and one of the oldest neighborhoods called Trastevere are all great locations offering more shade, parks, and better prices for bottled water!

In addition, you will certainly want to plan accordingly when packing for Rome.  For the most part, Rome is a very casual city and most places do not require a dress code.  And we would definitely recommend sunscreen!

Another important note while packing for Rome is to remember cars, trains, buses, and planes are much smaller in Italy.  There is nothing worse than lugging around tons of luggage under the Mediterranean sun or in a crowded bus or train.

Just a few tips to help you enjoy while on holiday in Rome….

Rome and the Bella Vita

Via Veneto’s reputation for elegance and glamour reaches back to the 1950s and ‘60s when the street was in its prime. Its upscale cafés and restaurants set the stage for an animated nightlife, attracting Hollywood film stars, members of the jet set, and trails of paparazzi. Federico Fellini’s portrayal of the extravagant and restless lifestyles of the elite in La Dolce Vita brought Via Veneto international fame in 1960; Via Veneto was at the heart of it all, its sidewalk cafés bustling with posh patrons as shiny luxury cars zoomed past, their drivers honking and calling out from open convertible tops.

While Via Veneto today attracts more tourists than it does VIP, its legacy of elegance and style carries on. Harry’s Bar, the epicenter of the “sweet life” of the ‘60s, sits firmly on its throne on the top of Via Veneto. Once opening its doors to royalty of the day like Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, and Coco Chanel, Harry’s Bar today remains a swanky spot for fine dining or drinking. Café de Paris, another classic featured heavily in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, lives on as well, catering mainly to tourists looking for a taste of its impressive past. And the Excelsior’s Doney restaurant, also a star of the ‘60s, hasn’t lost any of its splendor, remaining a chic and high-end place to dine. Via Veneto isn’t limited to historic venues though, and those craving a good, old American burger can feel right at home at the modern Hard Rock Café.

To add to its grandeur, Via Veneto is lined with five star hotels, including the historic Westin Excelsior and the Regina Hotel Baglioni. Shopping falls into the same category with expensive stores like Tarascio, which sells luxury watches and jewelry, and Brioni, a sophisticated clothing shop specializing in suits and evening wear. One of the most impressive buildings on Via Veneto is neither hotel nor shop, but rather the expansive American Embassy, housed in Palazzo Margherita.

You don’t have to subscribe to a lavish lifestyle to appreciate Via Veneto. Its location is unbeatable, placing you within steps of Rome’s most visited sites. The northern end of the street, just past Harry’s Bar, lies on the perimeter of the beautiful park, Villa Borghese, while the southern end spills out into the busy Piazza Barberini. From here, Via Tritone leads towards the Trevi Fountain as well as Via del Corso, the most popular shopping street in Rome. Back on Via Veneto, strollers can cut across Via Ludovisi and head to the mecca that is Piazza di Spagna, or the Spanish Steps.

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Rome Prati

“Andate al Vaticano?” “Are you going to the Vatican?” “Vais al Vaticano?” “Allez-vous au Vatican?” Emerging from the Ottaviano subway stop into the neighborhood of Prati, one thing is clear – the Vatican is near! And if you chose your apartment in Prati, you probably didn’t need the tour guides to remind you of that. But what you don’t know – and will soon discover – is that hidden among the quiet streets of Prati are some of the best restaurants in Rome.

First on our list of must-try restaurants is Ragno d’Oro, a ristorante-pizzeria on Via Silla. They are most renowned for their pizza, and deservedly so. They serve up pizzas with a thin and crunchy crust, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. (And this is important – for a pizza enthusiast, there really is nothing worse than a soggy pizza with chewy dough!) The result is a light pizza that you can easily finish without feeling overstuffed afterwards. Be sure to ask for their signature “calzoncini” as an appetizer and you’ll be presented with delicious bite-sized pieces of baked pizza dough with melted parmesan.

And while you’re doing your rounds of pizzerie, you can’t miss La Pratolina. This pizza joint is famous for their unique oval-shaped pizza, or “Pinsa,” as they call it. With 37 types of Pinsa to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong. A favorite of ours is the Pinsa Genovese, which is topped with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto, and prosciutto. And to achieve that sought-out light and crunchy crust, La Pratolina uses a wood-fired oven with an innovative lava stone base. Reservations are a must!

Once you’ve had your fill of pizza, try Sorpasso. This trendy restaurant has its doors open all day, starting with breakfast at 7:30 am, though the place really starts buzzing around aperitif time at 6 pm. It has a wide selection of wines, as well as an equally formidable selection of cold cuts and cheeses. During the aperitif hour, try a “trapizzino,” a mini-calzone stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings. For lunch or dinner there are always new specials, but a tried-and-true dish is their Parmigiana di Melanzane (Eggplant Parmesan), ever so tweaked with the addition of zucchini. This shabby chic restaurant is cool, almost too cool – you can forget dinner if you haven’t made a reservation, sometimes even the day before.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key and don’t want to fight for a table, I Colibri’is the perfect oasis after a hectic day of sightseeing. This quiet restaurant on Via Famagosta serves typical Roman cuisine, and both their first courses (pastas) and second courses (meats and fish) are delicious. An extra bonus is that it’s family-run and the staff is incredibly kind and polite.

For those who want to dine in, Prati is home to the biggest market in Rome, Mercato Trionfale. With a total of 273 stalls, this new, covered market is a dream for locals. If you’re staying in Casa Anna al Vaticano, Appartamento Prati, Vatican Luxury Suite, or the Drake, you’re lucky enough to be just around the corner. This market has virtually everything – fresh fruit and vegetables, cold cuts, cheese, meat, fish, handmade pasta, fresh bread, pizza, spices, farm eggs, every type of mushroom imaginable, and the list goes on! (And if you forget something, it even has non-food items like toiletries.) The prices are competitive and the sellers zealous. It’s worth a visit, if just to tantalize your senses with all the delectable aromas before heading to a Prati restaurant.

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