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Airline tickets…check; apartment rental…check; passport…check; tours booked…check;  arrival details provided to the Home in Rome Team….????

CheckIn Stop Watch

With only a week before your arrival in Rome and if you haven’t already provided your arrival details, you have probably received a number of emails and even a text or WhatsApp message from the Home in Rome Team requesting these important details.  With a number of arrivals on any given day, promptly providing your arrival details (including flight or train number and arrival time at the airport or train station) is essential to having a smooth check-in appointment and guaranteeing your check-in time preference.

Since check-in is by appointment only, once the Home in Rome check-in staff has received your arrival details, you will be provided a check-in appointment directly at the apartment you have booked.  Then, a few days prior to your arrival, you will receive an appointment reminder email with all of the final details, including various directions to the flat, clearly written in one place. Finally, when you arrive at the apartment address at your designated appointment time, simply ring the buzzer indicating in your reservation details and a member of our team will come out to greet you.

During check-in, you will be provided a tour of the apartment as well as a map of the city and our team will even show you where the local market and points of interest are located.  Our friendly check-in staff speaks English and Italian.  The staff member will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  In addition, you will be requested to show your passports for digital registration, settle up any outstanding city tax or other supplementary check-in fees in cash (exact change is requested) and take care of the damage deposit, if required.  The entire process should take approximately 20-minutes and then we are off to meet our next guests and you are free to go out and explore!

Respecting your designated check-in time is very important. Your appointment time has been carefully assigned to you considering several moving pieces including the arrival details you provided, our other scheduled arrivals, the cleaning schedule, as well as our check-out schedule.   As flight delays, luggage claim issues, and other issues may arise, you are asked to communicate any delay in your arrival to the check-in team as soon as possible.  Our general number is +393883559275 and to avoid any supplementary charges it is important to give us no less than one hour advance notice of any delay.  By knowing of these delays we can adjust your check-in appointment accordingly whereas if you do not communicate after 30 minutes our check-in team will no longer be waiting for you and you must reschedule your appointment time also paying a surcharge for the extra service.

Since renting a private holiday rental is much different than booking a hotel with a 24-hour reception, communication is an extremely important piece of the puzzle.  Our team attempts to provide our guests with useful information on our website as well as in our various emails we send from the moment you book to the moment you check-out.  Reading and following our advice, will help you make the most of your stay in Rome!  Trust us…this isn’t our first rodeo!

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