Rome by Car

After weeks of meticulous planning, your Italian holiday is just round the corner. You plan on visiting Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, possibly Sicily, and of course, Rome! Wanting to see as much as you can, you have decided to hire a rental car, however, before making that decision keep a few things in mind…

Driving in Italy is much different than what you might be used to. Besides the road rage, non-identified streets, and of course the endless traffic, in Italy there are restricted driving areas in every historical center called ZTL. When active (depending on the time of day and the time of year) you will not be able to enter the historical center with your rental car. This is important to keep in mind if you think you will be able to drive right up to the apartment building door. You also might think it is harmless to cross into an ‘ZTL ATTIVO’ zone, but don’t be fooled, you will be fined. It might take up to a year for the local city to find you, but you will be found and the fine will also include late fees.

To read more about the ZTL zones in Rome, please visit ZTL in Rome website.

While driving in northern Italy is a little less chaotic, driving into Rome is not recommended. Traffic is intense, parking is limited and expensive, and even Romans don’t know where one street ends and another one begins. To avoid the hassle and stress, we recommend returning your rental car at one of the airport locations.

If you are still convinced that driving to Rome is one thing you want to tick off your bucket list, please know that things can easily change when arriving by car: an extra stop to visit a small city, another to grab a bite to eat, or extra delays due to standstill traffic. As a result of these uncontrollable but highly probable circumstances, the Home in Rome welcoming team asks that you provide your expected arrival time at the apartment no less than 5 days prior to your arrival. Based on the information you provide, you will be given a floating check-in appointment. Then, either once you have dropped your car off at the rental location or when you are one hour away from arriving at the apartment, you must contact our team to confirm a more precise appointment time based on our already scheduled appointments. Of course, you will be responsible to keep our team informed of any further delays or problems!

Happy driving!

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