Best Practices for Apartment Renting

The Home in Rome Team wants to make sure you feel at home while in Rome for the Holidays.  We take great pride in maintaining our apartments.  To be able to provide the best possible apartments, we kindly ask you to keep in mind the following household rules of conduct during your stay.

  1. Please keep building and apartment doors securely closed at all times and be sure to use the keys as instructed at check-in.  A key may have a trick, but it should never be forced in or out of the door lock.  In addition, the keys should never be left in the door lock (inside or out).  Guests are fully responsibile for the set(s) of keys provided at check-in.
  2. Doors and windows should be closed properly and never slammed.
  3. Bathroom exhaust fans should be left on for at least 20 minutes after a shower but always turned off before leaving the apartment.
  4. The apartment is non-smoking.  Smoking in a holiday apartment rental is against Italian law and is punishable by fines up to 275,00€.
  5. Where available, please remember that according to Italian law, the air conditioning units are available during the summer months in Rome.  The lowest temperature setting is 26°C with a 2°C tolerance.  Air conditioning units should be turned off when you are not in the apartment and when not needed in the individual rooms where the units are located.
  6. All of our apartments are equipped with a heating system.  Just like the air conditioning system, there are also local laws governing when the heating system can be used, at what temperature, and for how many hours a day.  Typically, in Rome, but always depending on local weather conditions, the heat can be turned on between 15 November and 15 April.
  7. All kitchen equipment should be used as intended.  Kitchen appliances should be turned off and/or unplugged when not in use.  Hot pots, pans, and coffee maker should never be placed directly on a countertop.
  8. No food, coffee grinds, oil or other items should ever be placed down a sink drain.  Please discard of food, coffee grinds, oil, and other kitchen items properly in the rubbish.
  9. In addition, nothing other than human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet.  Feminine products, cleansing towelettes, and other similar product should be discarded in the rubbish and never flushed down the toilet.
  10. The same rules apply for the shower drains.  Only water should go down the drain.
  11. If you use an available washing machine, please leave the door open after the cycle to help the unit air-out.  Remember that the washer door should never be forced open as it remains locked for up to 5 minutes after the cycle.  In the event the apartment you have rented has a dryer, please make sure the condensation tray and the lent trap have been emptied and cleaned after each use.
  12. The linens and towels provided for your stay are provided by the cleaning company.  Please use the towels for the intended purpose only: to dry your body, hands, etc.  Do not use the towels with hair dye or other products that could potentially stain the linens and towels.  Never wash any of linens or towels and never remove any of linens, blankets and towels from the apartment.  If you need extra linens and/or towels during your stay, we can provide you a quote.
  13. While accidents do happen, please be careful not to leave blood stains, urine stains, and nail polish stains on any of linens or towels.
  14. The apartment and its belongings should be left, more or less, in the same condition you found them at check-in.

With ten years of experience in the holiday rental industry, these are the top accidents that occur while staying in a holiday rental.  While normal wear and tear is expected, not following these suggestions of conduct lead to unnecessary repair costs and more importantly may affect the next guest’s stay.