Home in Rome Check-In

In an effort to guarantee the safety of our staff and guests, Home in Rome will observe the following check-in procedures.

  1. At the time of booking, a confirmation email will be sent with instructions on how to schedule a check-in appointment. The guest should respond with the requested arrival details as soon as possible and no less than 5 days prior to arrival.
  2. Once the requested arrival details have been received, Home in Rome will provide the guest a meeting time directly at the apartment. The appointment will be based on the information provided by the guest, the check-in and cleaning schedules, as well as the other already scheduled appointments.
  3. On the day arrival, the guest should come to the apartment building entrance at the meeting time. Any delays or changes should be communicated no less than one hour prior to the scheduled appointment.
  4. Once at the building entrance, the guest should ring the appropriate intercom and a staff member will come out to greet the guest. The staff member will be wearing a mask and gloves. The primary guest will also need to be wearing a mask. Hand gel sanitizer will be available for use during check-in.
  5. Following appropriate social distancing requirements, only the primary guest will complete the check-in with the staff member. Additional guests will need to wait in the designated area in an orderly fashion maintaining social distancing of at least three feet. Each guest will need to be responsible for his or her luggage.
  6. The primary guest should also have either the actual passport or identity card for each guest or a copy to provide at check-in.
  7. During the check-in tour, the staff and the primary guest will always need to maintain at least three feet distance.
  8. Check-Out instructions will be provided during the check-in tour.
  9. The check-in appointment will take approximately 20 minutes.