Rome Tongue Twister


Are you looking for an ideal location for the summer this
year? You’re in luck. Rome, Italy has much to offer its visitors. With its
beautiful scenery, mesmerizing architecture, extraordinary art, and fabulous
food, Rome is the perfect place to go any time of the year.
However, after you have considered Rome vacation rentals
and decided you want to go, there are some important phrases and sayings to
For example, you will most likely need to ask somebody if
they speak English at one point during your trip—unless you speak Italian
fluently. In order to ask if someone speaks English, you will want to say
“parla inglese” which is Italian for “Do you speak English?”
Let’s say that person knew how to speak English and assisted
you tremendously. You could impress them by saying “grazie” which is Italian
for “thank you.” They will most likely respond with “prego” which is Italian
for “you are welcome.”
To be kind to others or people you come into contact with,
say “per favore” in order to say “please.” This is especially important if you
are going out to a restaurant. Or, in order to attract someone’s attention, you
could say “mi scusi” which is Italian for “excuse me.”
You could always greet somebody with a kind “salve” which translates
to “hello.” Once you leave, say “arrivederci.”
There are plenty of reasons why you might want to embark on Rome vacation rentals. However,
before taking your trip, make sure to get some Italian phrases down so you can
enjoy the visit without any miscommunication. There is much to explore in Rome,
such as the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Square. Make sure you
can speak some of the language before taking the trip!

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