Home in Rome is pleased to host you during your stay in Rome. If you haven’t already decided on your transportation to the apartment, here are a few options and the estimated prices for arriving at the apartment you have booked.

When choosing your transportation, please keep in mind the complimentary check-in time indicated on the property page or your booking confirmation email. Check-out time is no later than 10:00 on the morning of departure. In the event you need assistance with your luggage, please visit our luggage storage recommendations!

1.  The easiest and quickest way from the airport or port is by private transfer for about the same cost as a regular taxi!  We do not recommend a private transfer from the train stations.  You can easily book a private transfer to/from the airport or port by clicking here.

2.  If you prefer, the next best option is by taxi.  Both airports and all train stations in Rome have a taxi stand directly outside the terminal.  There may be a line and be sure to only use a Roma Capitale Taxi.  The standard rates are posted, but be careful of unethical drivers and always make note of your taxi number.  The standard rate for an economy-size taxi (usually seats 3-4 with luggage) is €30,00 from CIA and €48,00 from FCO.  The average cost from the nearest train station is €15,00-€20,00. 

3. The last option, reserved only for people with good map skills, would be to jump on a shuttle bus from either airport or the express train from FCO to Termini. Due to traffic, luggage claim, and shuttle/train departure times, it takes approximately two to three hours from the time you land to the time you arrive at our centrally located apartment. The average total cost is between €6,00 and €16,00 per person. You can visit these websites for additional details:


Tren Italia

For apartment specific directions using public transportation, please refer to your booking confirmation or your check-in reminder email.