Terme di Diocleziano


Built in AD 298-306 under Emperor Diocletian were the largest and most impressive of the imperial baths and could accommodate 3000 bathers at a time.

They served as a bath for the people residing in the Viminal, Quirinal, and Esquiline neighborhoods of the city.

Rome’s public baths were not just places to keep clean. They had libraries, barber’s shops and brothels.

The water supply was provided by the Aqua Marcia, an aqueduct that had long served the city of Rome since the early 2nd century.

The Baths remained in use until the siege of Rome in 537 when the Ostrogothic king Vitiges cut off the aqueducts.

Part of the Museo Nazionale Romano, the complex houses a vast collection of Roman statues and incorporates a monastery which has a beautiful cloister designed by Michelangelo.

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