Piazza Navona



With its ornate fountains and exuberant baroque palaces, Piazza Navona is central Rome’s showcase square.

The piazza owes its shape to an ancient athletic stadium, built in Ad 86 by Emperor Domitian, which was the scene for a variety of popular games (the name Navona is a corruption of the Greek word agon meaning public games). Just north of the piazza, at Piazza di Tor Sanguigna, you can still see remains of the original area sunk below street level.

The piazza acquired its current form in the mid-17th century under Pope Innocent X. It features important sculptural and architectural creations: in the center stands the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers (1651) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, topped by the Obelisk of Domitian, brought in pieces from the Circus of Maxentius; the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone by Francesco Borromini and the Pamphili palace (today the Brazilian embassy).

Piazza Navona has two other fountains. At the southern end is the Fontana del Moro with a basin and four Tritons sculpted by Giacomo della Porta (1575) to which, in 1673, Bernini added a statue of a Moor. At the northern end is the Fountain of Neptune (1574) also created by Giacomo della Porta; the statue of Neptune, by Antonio Della Bitta, was added in 1878 to create a balance with La Fontana del Moro.

Today, the square attracts street performers, artists, fortune tellers and pigeons.

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