Palazzo Valentini


Palazzo Valentini, seat of the Province of Rome since 1873, was commissioned to be built in 1585 by Cardinal Michele Bonelli, a nephew of pope Pius V.

In the seventeenth century it underwent renovations and a series of extensions were added by Cardinal Carlo Bonelli and Michele Ferdinando Bonelli. Later the palace was partially demolished and rebuilt by Francesco Peparelli for its new owner, cardinal Renato Imperiali who organized an important family library (the Imperiali), of around 24,000 volumes.

The entire building was then purchased in 1752 by Cardinal Giuseppe Spinelli, who moved the Imperial Library to the ground floor for public use which was often frequented by Johann Joachim Winckelmann.

In 1827 the Prussian banker and Consul-General Vincenzo Valentini bought the building, making it his home and giving it its name.

The building was expanded and rebuilt and its new owner used it to house his own collection of paintings as well as growing the building’s own library and archaeological collection.

Recent excavations in the building’s basement have found, around 7 meters below street level, a small bath complex, probably part of an adjacent residential complex already found in 1902.

Today the palace also hosts a multimedia museum: a visit to the fascinating remains of the patrician Domus of imperial Rome.

Reservations to the museum are required and it is one of the best and newest museums in Rome!

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