Colle Palatino


Palatine Hill is the most central of Rome’s seven hills, it stands 40 meters above the Roman Forum, looking down upon it on one side and upon Circus Maximus on the other.

According to legend, this is where Romulus and Remus were saved by a wolf and where Romulus founded Rome in 753 BC.

Archaeological excavations have confirmed that this site is one of the original ones in the city.

Most of the Palatine as it appears today is covered by the ruins of Emperor Domitian’s vast complex, which served as the main imperial palace for 300 years. Divided into the Domus Augustana (the emperor’s private residence), the Domus Flavia (imperial palace) and a Stadio (stadium), it was built in the 1st century AD.

After Rome’s fall, it fell into disrepair and in the middle ages castles and churches were built over the ruins. Later during the Renaissance, wealthy families established gardens on the hill.

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