Circo Massimo




The Circus Maximus  was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome.

It was founded by Tarquinio Prisco in the place where Sabine women used to be raped.

In the 22 century it acquired its definitive form, it measured 621 m (2,037 ft) in length and 118 m (387 ft) in width and could accommodate over 150,000 spectators.

Here, there were often staged chariot races as well as barbarous battle between wild animals.

The central part of the structure was adorned by two Egyptian obelisks both removed by Sisto V in the XVI century.  One was relocated to Piazza del Popolo and the other to Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano.

Today there remains practically nothing except a basin of grass, gravel and dust.

The Circus site now functions as a large park area, in the city center. It is often used for concerts and meetings.

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