Fall in Rome

Autumn in Rome can be evidenced with the turn and fall of the leaves, the kind of early morning chill in which you can see your own breath, and cumulus clouds spitting afternoon showers through rays of sunshine and oftentimes producing the illusion of a rainbow off in the distance.  Not to mention, the scent of the summer heat has been replaced with the comforting and familiar aroma of fireplaces burning wood and furnaces being turned on for the first time of the season.  As day light savings approaches on 29 October, the days are getting  shorter as the sun sets around six o’clock which serves as a reminder that winter is knocking on our door.

Despite the change of seasons, tourists are continuing to visit the Eternal City.  In fact, the Home in Rome Vacation Rentals are fully booked in October and are filling up in November as well as for the Christmas season.  If you are wanting to plan a Fall or early winter trip to Rome, don’t wait any longer!  Vacation apartment prices are lower with respect to the summer months and there are fewer tourist lines and not too mention the hot Italian sun is much less intense.  Planning a getaway for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, just one click and a Home in Rome Vacation Rental could be your gift for the entire family.

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