Mercato Trionfale




The Trionfale Market is considered the first corner market in Rome and with 273 stalls it is the biggest in town and in fact among the biggest ones in Italy and even in Europe. Open on Giulio Cesare Avenue at the end of ‘800, for years it has been a transit spot for those going out of town.

Then, in the 30’s, it moved to Andrea Doria Road, in what used to be a working-class neighborhood and has later turned into a stylish area. These two souls actually live together in the market as of today, making it very cheap on one side, but also refined, thanks to a number of stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables and other rare goods.

On March 11 2009, the current Trionfale Market was officially opened in a huge glass and cement building.  The building also hosts an underlying parking with 420 garages and 320 car spaces.

The market is organized in hallways, with colored stalls according to the merchandising category: green for fruits and vegetables (the farmers are towards the end of the market), blue for fish, and red for meat.

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